Lowongan Kerja Astra Daihatsu

Lowongan Kerja Astra Daihatsu
1. Production Supervisor
2. Environment, Health & Safety Supervisor
3. General Affair Supervisor
4. Human Resources Supervisor
5. Purchasing Supervisor
6. Research & Development Supervisor
7. Research & Development Junior Engineer
8. Production Engineering Junior Engineer
9. Production Control Junior Engineer
10. Marketing Planning Junior Staff
11. General Affair Junior Staff
12. Purchasing Junior Staff
13. Human Resources Junior Staff
14. Corporate IT Junior Staff

S1/D4 in Industrial / Mechanical / Electrical /Informatics/Others Relevant Major (1)
S1/D4 in Environmental Engineering/Chemical Engineering /Industrial engineering (2)
S1/D4 in Civil /Informatics/Mechanical Engineering/Others relevant Majors (3)
S1/D4 in Psychology/Law/Industrial Engineering/Any Major (4)
S1/D4 in Any Engineering Major (5)
S1/D4 in Product Design/Mechanical Engineering/Others Relevant Major (6)
Diploma (D3) in Mechanical/Chemical/Electrical/Automotive/Industrial/Informatics /Civil/Others Relevant Engineering Major ( 7,8,9,10,11 )
Diploma (D3) in All Kinds of Engineering (12)
Diploma (D3) in Any Majors (13)
Diploma (D3) in Informatics Engineering/Information System (14)
Minimum GPA 2,75 (scale of 4)
Preferably of age are max. 27 years-old.
Show evidence of good level in English both oral & written (preferably those with TOEFL score min. 450).
Ready to be placed in our plant/factory in Jakarta, Karawang, or Cibitung.
Willing to work with day/night shift system.
Computer literate (min. Ms Office).
Having extensive experience in organization is an advantage.
Exhibit good leadership & interpersonal skill.
Interested in automotive industry.
Fluent in Japanese language is an advantages.
If you meet all the qualification above, please register by SMS to 085294052040
The qualified applicants & the schedule of written test will be informed on 14th February, 2012. Written Test will be Held on 18th February, 2012


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