Lowongan Kerja Pertamina Medco Januari 2012

JOB Pertamina Medco E&P Tomori Sulawesi is joint operating body between PT Pertamina Hulu Energy and PT Medco E&P Indonesia. We are one of national oil & gas companies based on Jakarta, Indonesia. Our project on Central Sulawesi offshore (Senoro) operating since February 2011. We are currently inviting highly dynamic, self-motivated and committed applicant to apply several positions in a challenging work environment Senoro Geophysicist Position Description Responsibilities : • Generate sub-surface data including seismic data, date and time-estimation of soil layer in order to gather information regarding prospected location or reserved land. • Optimally sub-surface image research to maximize production strategy. • Compile all data and geological input such as sub-surface data, block sampling, wells condition, seismic data to be integrated with geophysicist software and analysis to find reserved oil and gas production. • Interpret all integrated data geophysical to produce recommendation in management & stake-holders meeting to be considered in project feasibility. • Supervise data sampling procedure in field to ensure that collected data is accurate. Position Requirements • Bachelor degree in Geologist • Minimum 5 years experience in technical and managerial position of oil and gas industry. Senoro Geologist (Jakarta – Site) Position Description Responsibilities : • Conduct evaluation in geological in order to develop hydro-carbon resources to help the management decide drilling operation activity • Plan / study and interpret geological data, seismic and logs of wells to produce an accurate information & analysis. • Conduct evaluation and counting amount of reserve hydro-carbon from production of well exploration to be used as basic design of field development program. • Evaluate drilling production, post mortem, drafting well’s final report, plan and monitoring sample analysis for property’s reservoir, sedimentation and geo-chemistry. • Evaluate wells data, seismic, making structure, stratigraphic cross section and depth structure map in order to plan drilling delineation. • Prepare geological prognosis, drilling proposal montage and ATD for wells exploration and developing. Position Requirements • Bachelor degree in Petroleum / Geologist • Minimum 7 years experience in related job • Training in exploration • Training in Prospected Evaluation • Training in Petroleum system & petrography analysis Senoro Petro physicist (Jakarta – Site) Position Description • Plan well data acquisition programs in line with well and business objectives • Liaise and work with London BU (Business Unit)-based petrophysicist • Liaison with core, log and LWD data acquisition contractors, before and during acquisition and in post-well interpretation phase • Coordinate appropriate well-site witness work for specialist runs • Deliver post-well standard interpretation • Liaise with partners and Sonagol on petrophysical/core issues • Take a proactive role in the extended organisation and facilitate • federal connectivity into the office • Aid the integrated full field reservoir description models which take full account of log, core and seismic data as well as dynamic pressure and water movement data • Manage core and fluid analysis programs at home country/UK-based labs • Populate and maintain corporate and project well databases • Be part of the team well planning effort • Become involved in surveillance petrophysics on project startup • Provide leadership in health, safety, and environment (HSE); this is an important and key requirement and focus for the individual Position Requirements • Bachelor of Science degree in Geosciences or related discipline • Minimum 7 years experience in related job • Ability to promote open and effective communication • Propensity for undertaking tasks before being asked to or forced by events • Ability to coach others to help their development • Ability to work as part of a team • Authority to work on a full-time basis for anyone other than your current employer • Ability to facilitate and leverage knowledge transfer within and between the exploration, development and production business units • Ability to integrate a variety of data and information into an exceptional interpretation of the subsurface • Considerable relevant, post-graduate industry-related experience • Experience working within an operating company • Awareness of the impact of actions on individuals, community and the environment • Actively seeks know-how and best practices related to own area of contribution • Actively engages and respects contributions of others; • Anticipates future situations and plans ahead to meet them • Actively seeks know-how and opportunities from the external environment and applies them • Bachelor of Science degree in Geosciences or related discipline required • English Fluency Required Senoro Production Engineer (Jakarta – Site) Position Description Responsibilities : • Monitoring wells production performance and analyze production accumulation in order to assess continuity of corporate business. • Conduct surveillance evaluation from oil and gas extraction activity and following up development of wells to make the production went smooth. • Analyze oil and gas concentration of each wells, provide technical consultation to produce potential condition of oil production and most economically to be sold. • Supervise oil and gas exploration procedure in field to ensure they are using the most efficient and effective method. Position Requirements • Bachelor degree in Petroleum / Mechanical Engineering • Minimum 5 years experience in technical & managerial position of oil and gas industry. Please apply by online at : • http://www.id-recruitment.com/tomori


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